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Custom Splints & Braces

The therapists at Hand Therapy Canada have made thousands of custom splints. Splinting can be used to rest tissues to decrease swelling and pain, to help with functional use of the arm, and even to help improve range of motion of stiff joints in some cases.


We make all of our splints on site. These are usually covered by extended insurance plans as they are custom made out of rigid plastic. Our therapists will make your splint, instruct you on proper wear and care of the splint, make adjustments at each visit as needed, and work with you to recommend when to wear the splint based on your injury, pain level, and lifestyle. We make splints for all injuries and conditions of the upper limb, including mallet injuries, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dequervains tenosynovtis, tennis elbow, wrist sprains, tendonitis, fractures, and more.

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